Welcome to Delta Animal Crackers – “A place full of fun & Learning”


Animal Crackers provides children with care that focuses on fun and learning through play. We offer them opportunities to explore, investigate, practice their skills and build knowledge through hands-on experiences and direct manipulation of objects and materials. We recognize that all children are unique with varying strengths and differences, and it is our goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment.
Early years are crucial to a child's development and our programs are tailored to promote healthy growth and development of children in all areas including: social, emotional, cognitive, self-help, speech and language, and fine /gross motor skills. . We endeavor to help children play cooperatively and build positive relationships with teachers and peers.
We have an open door policy and appreciate any communication with our families. For those families needing financial assistance, we can provide information regarding childcare subsidy.
We offer Daycare, Preschool and Before and After School Care programs, to meet the needs of every family, and we have a variety of options available; full, half or partial day programs.

Our Vision

To provide a ‘home away from home’: safe, warm, nurturing environment with a family-like atmosphere

Our Mission

To offer an environment where the child can unfold spontaneously and manifest the greater person from within.

Delta Animal Crackers Daycare Centres

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